Several projects have been on the back burner, stewing for quite awhile and the time has come to bring these new ideas into the physical world. In order to do so, I will be heavily reducing the amount of custom orders I will take for 2018 so as to be able to focus on these special projects.

This is the list of instruments that will be available in 2018. Unless noted, only one of each will be available.

Forty Four Concept
Forty Four model, hollowbody, metallic copper finish, fixed wooden archtopstyle bridge, adjustable neck

Del Air
Double Top (Nomex) 14” archtop with laminated (nomex) back and structured sides. 3” depth. Magnetic pickup

Traveller Bass
Short scale, headless bass concept. Companion to the Traveller guitar

Custom Build Slot
Whatever you want from my catalogue, Full custom options available

Fancy Anzol #2
One-off Anzol with a unique handpainted finish. For The Holy Grail Guitar Show

Modern Romantic
Steel string parlor guitar w/ heel-less adjustable neck. Black Locust back and sides, Spruce top in shell pink or Sonic Blue, celulloid binding. - other options maybe available

One of a kind Traveller
"Glitterb*tch", one of a kind for The Holy Grail Show

5 standard Anzols will be available

4 standard (hardtail) Travellers will be available

If you are interested in any of the above builds, contact me to discuss specs and pricing. Some specs (neck carve, scale lengths, pickups etc.) are customizable. Only ONE of each will be available (with the exception of Anzols and standard Travellers).

I will still be taking custom orders throughout the year, however they will placed at the end of the queue following the above builds.